Data Mining Technique: Fundamental Concept and Statistical Analysis


Dr. Sagar S. Jambhorkar

Presently Gazetted Officer and Assistant Professor, NDA Pune, has an excellent academic career with 10 years of experience in teaching various programs at UG, PG and Diploma Courses in Computer Science. He worked on Development of Segmentation Technique for Fingerprint Recognition system” for his Doctoral program in 2008. He is a recognized research guide in Computer Science, Successfully guiding 10 students for their doctoral degree.  He has published widely in scholarly research journals and has attended various International, National seminars and Conferences.

Mr. Vijay S. Jondhale

Presently working as a Assistant Professor and College Administration in Rajiv Gandhi College Of Computer Science and Management, Vidyut Nagar Nanded, He is completed Master Degree Program in Computer Science and Application and Master of Philosophy in Computer Science.  He is working in the “Statistical Ananlysis and Characterization of Healthcare Data Using Data Mining and Data Warehousing” for Doctoral thesis.



Data Mining and Data Warehousing is the recent trend in IT field but still it is widely used in various areas.

This book introduces basic as well as advanced techniques of data mining & brief information about data warehousing. The book also contains some advanced software tools which are really helpful for students.

In this book I tried to explain all the techniques and concepts of the data mining & data warehousing, in very simplified & descriptive way which can help to the student for there examination preparation as well as technical improvement.

We are grateful to several institutions, libraries, friends and associates for generous assistance in helping us write this book. We are indebted to various authors who have been referred in giving this book the present shape.

We grateful acknowledge the support, encouragement, and patience of our families.

We express our heart filled thanks to Horizon book Publishers for the careful printing of this book.

We humbly welcome comments and suggestions regarding the book for further enrichment.

Last but not the least, flawed statements or interpretation, if any, in the present work may be credited to the authors of the book and to nobody else.

Dr. Sagar S. Jambhorkar

Vijay S. Jondhale

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