Developing Leadership Qualities in Changing Environment


Dr. Kaushal Chauhan is working in Maharishi Markandeshwar University as Librarian, having Ten years’ experience with different academic Colleges, Institutions, and Universities along with one year training from Central Library IIT Kharagpur. She has done master degree in English, Master degree in library and Information Science. She has also done M.Phil. and Ph.D. in Library and Information Science. Besides this she has done M.Sc. in Computer Science and PGDLAN. She has got more than seventy certificates of different activities. She has organized one day National Conference in MMEC, MM University, Mullana (Ambala), Haryana. She authored one Book “Open access E-Resources in Library and Information Science and Edited one conference proceeding “From Real to Virtual Transformation in Libraries”. She has published more than eighty papers at National and International Journals, Conferences Proceedings, Seminars Volumes, Edited Book chapters, Newspapers. She has attended more than forty events at National and International level and has presented more than Thirty Five papers at National and International Conferences including presented a research paper in International conference Penang, Malaysia. She is the Member of SLA, Washington, New York, USA and Life member of ILA, India, IASLIC, Kolkata, HLA, Haryana, LPA & SIRs, and New Delhi. She has ranked Librarian of the Month by Laxmi publication, Delhi in March 2014, awarded First paper award in 2015 and Award of Appreciation in 2016 from Library Professional Association (LPA), New Delhi.



No works of a book happens overnight. This book took one year of labor. In some instances, the thinking shaped itself throughout their professional careers. A good part of my life has been involved in education. Over the years I have contemplated gathering together the views of great minds in to a collection. It would take several volumes to collect even a small portion about leadership and I did not have enough time to devote to this task due to busy working in university and home; but I quickly realized the fundamental need to write this book in present challenging environment. Leadership subject is multifaceted.

It can be taught, Learned, and developed. Leaders are influenced by those whom they admire. Reading about their development inevitably allows an aspiring leader to grow his own leadership traits. Inspiration must be taken wherever and whenever it comes and sources of strength appear in unexpected places. Leadership is a state of mind, the progress of country solely lies in leadership. This is an interesting case study to think though and come out with multiple solutions. In the first chapter, is its introductory part. In second chapter deals with leadership’s detailed aspects as need, flows, qualities, styles etc. In it ver important aspects of leadership has been covered.

The third chapter is on Motivation, confidence and Decision making Skills that are very essential for leadership. In Forth chapter there is on Self Managing Leadership including Values and Meditation. The last Chapter focuses on how to become a better leader.

Km. Kaushal

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