Entrepreneurship Development – Economic and Social Issues


Dr. Sharda Gangwar, of Institute for Excellence in Higher Education, Bhopal, India has 22 years of teaching experience. She has successfully completed six research projects in the area of marketing sponsored by University Grants Commission. She has 9 books on Accounting and Management and 25 research Papers has been published in National and International Journal. She has also been a research guide. She has already organised a seminar on “Growth of Service Sector in Indian Economy” sponsored by University Grants Commission. Another seminar is being organised by her on the topic “Entrepreneurship Development- Economic and Social Issue” which is sponsored by Department of Higher Education, Madhya Pradesh. This book consists of the proceedings of the seminar.



An entrepreneur is one of the important segments of economic growth as well as social growth. Basically, an entrepreneur is a person who is responsible for setting up a business or an enterprise in a society for social growth. Infact, he is one who has the initiative, skill for innovation and who looks for high achievements. He is a catalytic agent of change and works for the good of the society. According to Peter F. Ducker “Effective entrepreneurship is not making speeches or being liked; entrepreneurship is defined by results, not attributes.” That means he puts up new Greenfield projects that actually creates wealth, opens up employment opportunities and fosters other sectors. An entrepreneur is one of the most important inputs in the economic development of a country or regions within the country. Entrepreneurship development is getting a position of great importance for tackling ever-growing problem of unemployment due to rapid population growth.

Entrepreneurial development has come to be recognized globally as the key to rapid and sustainable economic development as well as the welfare, socially and progress of mankind.

I have immense pleasure in presenting to academician, research scholar and students of these Proceedings in form of ISBN Book titled “Entrepreneurship Development- Economic and Social Issues”. The book consists of 35th research papers to facilitate the academician, research scholar and students for betterment of research.

In the preparation of this book, I have collected research paper from different area of Entrepreneurship development through seminar. I hope that the academician, research scholar, students and entrepreneurs will find the study useful.

I look forward to receiving suggestions from them for improving the contents and presentation of this book.

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