From Masti To Mahadeva (An Anthology Of Kannada Short Stories In English)


  1. S. N. Vikram Raj Urs
    S. N. Vikram Raj Urs is senior Professor of English at Karnataka State Open University, Mysore, India. His area of study is literatures of third world and Indian regional literature. He has participated in many international conferences. He has published books on translation studies which include An Anthology of Kannada Short stories and Dalit experience: Representative Kannada short stories in English. He edited a little journal, COMMONWEALTH QUARTERLY from December 1976 to 1991 which was devoted to publish articles and reviews on Commonwealth literature and Indian regional literatures. It has made a mark in promotion of Commonwealth literature in English speaking world.

Prof U. R. Anantha Murthy
This anthology of Kannada short stories in English translation edited by Vikram Raj Urs is first of its kind in quality. The stories selected here are from different generations of Kannada writers as well as from literary movements, the diversity of which has contributed to the richness and variety of this most vibrant genre of Kannada literature. Sri Vikram Raj Urs has accomplished a task that could have been undertaken by only a richly endowed literary institution. His attempt to place Kannada short stories in the literary map of Indian literature is sure to earn the gratitude of both scholars and general readers.



I have planned and designed this representative Anthology of Kannada short Stories in English (Fifteen stories).My main objective is to offer the best short stories in English.
The seeds of Kannada short story as a literary form can be traced back to Katha Sarasttisagara, Panchantantra, Jataka tales and great oral folk legends and wonderful tales. Some of the oral and written stories were carried to the West mostly by traders, wanderers, monks and cultural ambassadors. They also carried with them the two greatest epics like Ramayana and Mahabharata, Vedas and Upanishads. The travellers brought back the great stories/epics of the West like Illiad, Odyssey and Biblical stories. With the invention of printing press in Germany in 16th century it became possible to reach out to countries far and wide through the medium of print. The short story as a genre developed steadily over the centuries and it lost its amorphous body and acquired a well defined order, arrangement and form.

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