Informal Workers in the Interstices of Formal Sector: Dynamics and Dilemmas


Dr. Deba Ranjan Hota

Dr. Deba Ranjan Hota, Ph. D (Sociology) is an academic and researcher having more than one decade of experience behind him.  He is actively involved and contributed as a resource person for various research project, symposium seminars, workshops and conferences at various universities and institutions. Also, he is an active member of various committees and boards in different organizations. He has authored several articles in books and reputed journals in the field of labor studies, tribal studies and human rights.



The focus of this book is the development of an understanding which will familiarize one to the basic concept of informal and formal sector from a sociological perspective. The growth of informal sector as a critical component of society and economy has gained numerous attention from various discipline. It is worthy to explore the dynamics and dilemmas of informal workers in formal sectors which have been less explored from social sciences parlance. A formal sector which only absorbs a tiny population in India’s working population has always taken advantage of the interlink ages of informal structure and policies operating in such context. The two way relationship of both the sectors bring new and fresh perspective to understand the intrinsic overlaps and interconnectedness and brought new conceptual dilemmas to the fore.

In this volume, I tried to address the issues of migration, the primordial kinship bondages and the informal network existing in formal spheres in a university set up. The success and failed stories of the residents of shanty colonies has been dealt exploring the cause, consequences of social and economic life shading more light on the exploitative and extractive nature of the patrons in the studied areas.

The present book is basically examined the socio- economic background, the process of migration and reasons of it.  The cause and consequences of working in formal sectors of informal workers, establishment and growth of the colonies have found prominent place in the analysis to understand the present occupation structure, their economic role and intricate relationship with their patrons in the university.

To conclude the dynamics and dilemmas of the workers of informal sectors can unravel finer debate at conceptual level for both formal and informal level. The underlying process has lot to contribute in developing sound legal framework to protect the live and livelihood of the more fragile informal workers. The plan of the book is as following: Chapter one deals with an introductory in the problems under study including objectives and hypothesis of the study. Chapter two describes the field and also with the methodology and about the various research methods adopted for the study. Chapter three narrates the socio-economic background of the respondents. Chapter four is concerned with assets and occupation of the migrants at their native places and the factors operating in the process of migration. Chapter five highlights the process of arrival and establishment to Jyoti Bihar and also the various forms of help in establishing oneself.. Chapter six, deals with present occupation of the respondent and the dichotomy and relationship between formal and informal sector. Also give clue to the various forms of help helping the respondents for the entry to both formal and informal sector. It also talks about the service or the help rendered to their respective patron by the respondents. Chapter seven gives a detail picture of the loan taken or loan given by the respondents and linkages between a patron and a money lender. Chapter eight shows the savings by the respondents along with its purpose for the future. Chapter nine, deals with the types and description of the patrons and also with their future working sphere. Chapter ten, focuses on the future scenario which leads to the conclusion part of the present study summing up all the major findings of the study.

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