Urbanization And Durability In The Asian Countries


Author is graduated with honors in geography from Govt college for girls sector 11 chandigarh . She is Ma MPhil from PANJAB university chandigarh . She is net qualified with number of research papers in her credit she had been teaching geography in govt college suratgarh , Rajasthan and presently is Assistant professor ( ad-hoc ) in DAV college sector 10 chandigarh.



This book “Urbanisation and durability in the Asian Countries” is an attempt to present the key aspects of the pattern of the urbanization in the Asian countries. There are many challenges to be overcome in the development of towns and cities in the region. In a number of countries, there is still a strong anti-urban bias towards the growth of cities. Notwithstanding overwhelming evidence to the contrary, urbanization is still seen by many as a problem rather than a positive force in development. However, as country populations become more urbanized, the pressures to manage urbanization so as to take better advantage of its positive impacts should make promoting sustainable and inclusive urban growth a development priority. The battle for sustainable economic growth in the Asian countries will be won or lost in its cities.

The strategy of book was commissioned by UNDP to inform the organization’s current and future policy and programming work in Asian countries. It argues the case for greater UNDP involvement in urban issues in the region and sets out a framework to guide this involvement. This book is divided into 7 sections. Following this introduction, Section 2 focuses on urbanization and sustainability in Asia. Section 3 outlines and analyses some of the key urban development challenges in the region, including the importance of cities to achieve sustainable development and poverty reduction. Section 4 explains population movement and urbanization in Asia. Section 5 analyses the challenges posed by rapid urbanization and includes examples of best practices of cities and countries striving to meet these challenges. Section 6 studies an analysis of trend, pattern and policies in Asia. Section 7 summarizes feedback received from UNDP country offices in the region and makes the case for a more strategic approach. Section 7.1 outlines the parameters of a strategic approach, including how UNDP might best impact at scale and achieve a much greater coherence of effort across the many development partners working with cities. Section 7.2 proposes UNDP Asian countries Urban Strategy that builds on the organizations strengthens and proposes where and how to focus on clearly defined strategic points of entry at the country level in developing UNDP urban strategies that will achieve the greatest development impacts.

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