Working Women in Industries


Dr. Madhu Tyagi, author of this book is the Associate Professor and HOD of Sociology in B.S.A college, Mathura. A PhD holder and a great sight to work with, she has an experience of around twenty five years in teaching UG and PG classes. Not only interested in the curriculum of the subject, she motivates herself to reinvent ways in making education a new experience. She has been an active participant in various national and international seminars and conferences. She is also a proud guide to many PhD candidates. A member of prestigious bodies like BOS and RDC, she believes in bringing change in the tone of education. A perfect woman, exemplifying women empowerment, she is definitely an academician to look out for.



The financial improvement of a nation is by and large likened with its mechanical advancement. The business visionary stands at the focal point of the modern action and expect different parts of a nation’s advancement procedure. Extensive, medium and little mechanical units assume a commonly reciprocal part in the incorporated and concordant development of the modern area all in all. Be that as it may, little undertakings dwarf the bigger ones in each nation and play a dynamic and indispensable part during the time spent industrialization by contributing essentially to generation and fares. As the pace of advancement quickens, the little scale part will give new chances to business visionaries to develop. Once more, this area is generally perceived as an important establishment in encouraging monetary development. In this way, business enterprise has now turned into an imperative point of convergence in the underdeveloped nations.

India is a customary nation and there is decent variety in religions, culture and traditions. Part of the ladies in India generally is family unit and restricted to household issues. At times ladies can discover work as attendants, specialists, instructors the minding and sustaining divisions. Yet, regardless of the possibility that all around qualified ladies designers or chiefs or geologists are accessible, inclination will be given to a male of equivalent capability. recognize the elements keeping ladies representatives from yearning for higher post and difficulties and issues confronted by ladies laborers. Promote the examination endeavor to clarify the genuine state of Indian working ladies and furthermore try to clear primary issues of working ladies.

Work and family are the two most important aspects in women’s lives. Balancing work and family roles has become a key personal and family issue for many societies. There are many facets in working mother’s lives that subject to stresses. They deal with home and family issues as well as job stress on a daily basis. In this book described burden on the women, the dual role also demands of her two different sets of values. Difficulties arise because often these two roles make a simultaneous demand on the person whose physical capacity, energy, endurance and time have definite limits. Often the fulfillment of these two roles requires qualities of different and diverse kinds- one requiring cooperation and self-negation and other calling her competitions and self – enhancement. Women’s business functions require such qualities as efficiency, courage, determination, intelligence, sense of reality, responsibility and independence.

It is trusted that an investigation of this nature, situated towards the current women business people of two unique States, would give an intense knowledge into the financial status of women business visionaries and furthermore the issues related with the rise of women enterprise and its working. This would help in defining a particular strategy for the advancement of women industry enterprise by the Government and the formative offices.

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